Patokh Chodiev: a charitable donation for the development of the Syrdarya region

The charity chronicle in the Republic of Uzbekistan would not be complete if Patokh Chodiev was not mentioned in it. Despite the long absence on his patrimony for the sake of developing business and increasing his capital, the philanthropist makes significant efforts to help those in need and to develop infrastructure, education and culture. He invested hundreds of millions of American dollars so that his country would receive new orphanages, schools, and clinics.

Patokh Chodiev: the beginning of a life path and life outside Uzbekistan

Jizzakh region can be proud of the fact that Patokh Chodiev was born in 1953 on its vastness. He grew up in a middle-income family, where besides him, there were six children. The future billionaire is used to working from a young age: he went to work in the local periodical after graduation. But the position of assistant editor was too shallow for him, so he went to the capital to enter MGIMO.

The Moscow Institute of International Relations, both now and then has been and remains among the most prestigious universities with a huge competition of applicants for one place. Despite this, Patoh Chodiev passed the entrance exams with success and received a diploma in international law. A brilliant education and the Japanese language studied during the study allowed the future entrepreneur to become an adviser to the trade representative of the USSR in Japan.

He lived for a long time in Tokyo. In Japan, he spent a total of more than 10 years. It was there that Patokh Chodiev studied the basics of international business etiquette, acquired connections in influential circles, and got used to the rules of doing business outside the USSR. Then he realized his childhood dream: as a child, he was interested in everything connected with Japan and passionately wanted to see it with his own eyes.

Interesting fact: Patokh Chodiev studied on the same course as Usmanov and Yastrzhembsky. The first is the well-known owner of billions, a regular participant of the lists of the richest people in Forbes magazine. The second is a public figure known in the political arena of the Russian Federation.

Patokh Chodiev begins to develop his business

In the early 90s, Patokh Chodiev decided to move to Kazakhstan to do business there. He did not need to get used to new countries and cultures. And his communicative skills from his student years were at their best. Together with Ibragimov and Mashkevich, he creates one of the largest companies in the world for the extraction and processing of natural raw materials — ENRC. Gradually, the organization turned from a local company into a transcontinental corporation with branches in several developing countries, including Russia and Brazil.

It was Patokh Chodiev who was the first in the CIS to be able to combine the production, enrichment, transportation, processing and sale of natural resources of a number of enterprises in the energy industry within one company. The businessman devoted the past decade to establishing close economic and political relations between the republics of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the countries of the European Union. Such activities significantly increased the volume of imports and exports between states, ensured an inflow of capital to the countries of Central Asia, which were formerly part of the USSR.

The entrepreneur has Belgian citizenship, which he was awarded in the 90s. Then he provided consulting services to one of the Belgian companies in the energy sector. A businessman periodically changes his place of residence. Belgium is one of the countries where he often stays for a long time.

Charity at home

Recently, Patokh Chodiev was awarded the title “Patron of the Year” in the Russian Federation. But the entrepreneur implements his charity projects not only in Russia, but also in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and even Japan. Earning billions of US dollars, the businessman does not forget about those who are not so successful in life. Also, he equips infrastructure facilities: schools, kindergartens, private houses, universities.

Among the billionaire’s priorities is the Syrdarya region, where he comes from. He allocated $5 million for the construction of roads, educational and medical institutions. All funds were directed targeted at the administration of cities and towns to avoid their plunder. Funding for cultural and educational activities of the Syrdarya region is also possible with the help of a businessman.